I am now on Twitter

In an effort to expand my social circle and communicate with people in the communities I am interested in, I have created a Twitter account for myself. You can follow me at: https://twitter.com/Ain_Lad or, there’s a little Twitter bird icon in the top right of my website (if I’ve done it right, that is!) I have also […]

Thoughts on: SAOA:GGO – Episode 3- Fan Letter

Apparently Saturday is going to be the main time I update this blog because the 2 new anime of this anime season that I’m watching so far both air new episodes on Saturdays. Anyway, as usual if you don’t want to see spoilers, don’t read this. Although this time I’ll try not to write out […]

Thoughts: Darling In The Franxx Episode 15

As I write this, I’ve just got finished watching the latest episode of Darling in The Franx, and all I can say is that it was an absolutely incredible episode. If you have not watched this latest episode, please don’t read this as it will be full of spoilers, but let’s just begin… The Mission: […]

First Impressions: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Hereby shortened to “AGGO” for the sake of my sanity. I have a confession. I LOVE Sword Art Online. Certainly, a somewhat controversial point of view in the anime community, but really, I watch what I think looks interesting, regardless of the mainstream opinion and if I enjoy it, I bask in the anticipation of […]

My Opinion – Darling in The Franxx E14

Or: Wake Me Up Before You Ichigo Before I write anything else, this post will be talking about my opinion on episode 14 of Darling in The Franxx. If you have not watched it yet, there WILL be spoilers here, so please navigate away now if you don’t want to see these! Without further ado, […]

Link, Start!

Welcome to my blog. This isn’t a sentence I ever thought I’d be typing out, simply because I have never been much of a blogger. I hate the concept of selfies and if I wanted to talk about myself and what’s happening with me, I would go to friends privately, rather than air that dirty […]